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In my two decades working as a real estate professional, I have worked with several well known and established firms. From each firm I have learned something new and have grown as an individual and as a professional in the real estate business. The connections that have been developed provide me with all the resources required to best assist you with all your real estate needs. I understand that real estate is a daunting and sometimes complex topic, and I am here to help every client at every step along the way.

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JUST SOLD! 5508 Stout St, Dublin, CA 94568 | Kim Deol

JUST SOLD! 3810 Branding Iron Pl, Dublin, CA 94568 | Kim Deol

JUST SOLD! 5735 El Dorado Ln, Dublin, CA 94568 | Kim Deol

JUST SOLD! 5809 Beechwood Loop, Dublin, CA 94568 | Kim Deol

JUST SOLD! 817 Tranquility Cir, 7 Livermore, CA 94551 | Kim Deol

JUST SOLD! 4027 Clare St, Dublin, CA 94568 | Kim Deol

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